About Us

About Port City Pups

We are Downtown Mobile’s Original Dog Daycare and Boarding Facility!

Port City Pups is a family-owned and operated full-service pet care facility located in Mobile, Alabama.

If you’re new to the area, Mobile is nicknamed “The Port City,” hence the name of our business.

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We offer a variety of services for your beloved pet, including all-day supervised indoor/outdoor daycare for your dogs and boarding for overnight stays.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for Mobile’s pets by providing an affordable daycare and boarding service that all dogs will enjoy, all while giving back to the community and animals we love.
Bailey Duos
Owner & CEO, Port City Pups

Our Genesis

The Port City Pups story is one that spans 21 years, beginning with the birth of our daughter Bailey Duos.

While there are four of us supporting this business, the heart of its creation is the youngest in our family! It was evident from the time she could walk that Bailey was a true dog lover.

We quickly learned that she was appropriately named because we found more dogs named “Bailey” than people! She was always tickled to find a dog who shared her name and never met a dog that she didn’t like immediately.

Bailey got her very own dog at age 5 and was so in love with him. He inspired her to learn more about dogs and how to care for them.

Bailey became an entrepreneur at the age of 11, starting her own business as a dog sitter in our neighborhood. She had lots of clients and loved her job!

Our Motivation

Over the next few years, Bailey explored options that allowed her to work with dogs. Her goal was to fight animal cruelty by starting a rescue program.

Of course, this requires funding. When Bailey began college at the University of South Alabama, she initially explored the path of criminal justice intending to work as a Humane Officer.

In 2015, her freshman business courses led her to realize she could start her dog daycare and create the funding to help rescue abandoned and abused dogs.

What better place than the beautiful and growing downtown Mobile?

Our Commitment

Over a period of four years, Bailey worked diligently on every detail of her plan.

However, starting a business at such a young age is no easy task. Commercial lenders said “no” before hearing anything beyond “I’m 21 years old.”

So she interned with a dog daycare to gain even more first-hand experience. She created a triple award-winning business plan that will eventually allow her to develop the rescue program that her heart desires most!

Through hard work and much perseverance, Port City Pups is finally a reality.

We, as a family, believe in her, and we share her passion. We look forward to sharing her dream with you and your fur babies!

Author: Brenda Duos (CFO Port City Pups, a.k.a. Bailey’s “mom”)