Grooming Services

We suggest you pick up your dog not only happy and tired, but also CLEAN!

Port City Pups provides bathing services that will definitely have your pup looking and smelling their best.

Grooming Benefits

Let’s face it, bathing them on your own is time-consuming, exhausting, and messy!

Save yourself the added stress and let us handle bath time.

You can get them a bath whenever you want – randomly or add it to the end of daycare week or boarding stay. We don’t mind!

Pet Bathing Service
Pet Bathing Service

We just want you to be able to catch up on your puppy snuggling immediately upon your return home, instead of wasting time on bathing them.


Small Bath
1-25 lbs
Medium Bath
25-50 lbs
Large Bath
50-75 lbs
X-Large Bath
Over 75 lbs

For details about rates, plans, and discounts for all of our pet services, visit our Prices & Packages page.